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From travel destinations to courthouse elopements, I gotchu! With all of my elopement packages you get ME as your bestie throughout the whole process! I'll help scout out locations, discuss the timeline and give advice on what photographs best. Most importantly I will help tell YOUR story.

Imagine waking up on your wedding day and seeing mountains from your window when you're drinking your morning drink. After getting ready you’re having your pictures taken surrounded by mountains and visiting a volcano. Or you've chosen the option of experiencing ice caves with your loved one and you can’t stop saying how beautiful everything looks. And then comes the part of saying: “I do” in front of a waterfall during sunset.

This is what your wedding day could look like.



Don't just runaway

Remember that marriage laws are

different all over

Elopements are so much more than just running away or saving money. Elopements are meant to shift the focus from your family to the both of you! They’re about crafting a day around the two of you and allowing you to get married in the way you actually want to.

This is a super important part of planning an elopement that will take some research! The last thing you want to do is to travel to the other side of the world without the correct documents, or have no clue where to obtain a marriage license.  Take note of any cultural laws that might affect your day as well.  For example, if you wanted to elope on a Sunday in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, be sure to buy any champagne or liquor you want to drink the day before since all the liquor stores will be closed on a Sunday.


Choose your dream location

When you start to think about where you want to elope choose a place that has a lot of meaning to you both. This can mean choosing a location you’ve both been to before that you love or choosing a location you’ve both been dying to go to! Nobody wants to look back on their special day and regret where they got married, because you sporadically chose the first place you could think of.  The world is your oyster, give it time and consideration!


Keep it close

If you decide to have guests at your elopement, limit the number to your absolute nearest and dearest friends and family.  Those who have been there for you and supported the two of you throughout your relationship and those who will be there for you through the end of life. However, don’t feel pressured to have your family with you if you feel like a ‘just us’ elopement is right for the two of you!




Why Elope?

If you have an adventurous spirit and desire to have an intimate experience on your wedding day then eloping is probably a great choice for you! Eloping is all about having a stress-free, laid back, and incredible experience. It is about starting your lives together on an epic adventure and committing your lives together in a place you’ve always dreamed of or in an extremely meaningful place to the both of you.

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